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My name's Ikay, I'm just another loyal soldier in this Armageddon... As the world turns; From Kingston, Jamaica to Queens, New York. Ikay


why are white people so sensitive from Anonymous


We’re not the ones that still cry about slavery.

I can’t believe that someone could be so heartless and insensitive to utter these words.

May I point out that it’s basically mindsets of this sort that have left the entire world in ruins. History has proven over and over again that the white man has no compassion, they have no respect for life and they will slaughter anything and anyone to satisfy their greed.

White people have invaded 90% of the countries in the world.

White people have slaughtered an entire race of people (The Native Indians) and drove them into extinction just to capture their land. Just think about it, how heartless can you be to kill off an entire race of people, if white people didn’t do it, right now the world would be thinking that’s an impossible task to carry out.

Y’all robbed Africa of all it’s natural resources and even it’s people.

White people had Africans in long lines for days lined up for health vaccines but there was really no vaccine, they were injecting people with HIV AIDS.

Y’all invaded the Middle East for their oils and when they start fighting back and bombing your ass you call them terrorists.

Let’s not forget Hiroshima.

Why don’t y’all leave people the fuck alone, there’s enough resources in the world for everyone to survive but the white man always gets greedy and want to take everything for himself.

Now can you understand every other race’s discomfort with white people!

why is it okay for a black person to call another black person a nigger but when a white person does it, it's racist? from Anonymous


why is it that when white people invaded North America and killed millions of Native Americans they were called “settlers” but when Black and Brown people cross the border they’re called “illegals”?

why is it that when white people kidnapped sold and enslaved millions Black people it was called a “trade”, but when Black and Brown people steal products it’s called “robbery”?